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Brewery Field Street Food Experience

Brewery combines the finest food and superlative service to create the ultimate dining experience. Each dish is created using the finest ingredients to ensure unique character and flavour. Fresh items and hand-picked vegetables – all in their own spicy aromatic sauces that promise an explosion of flavour with each bite.

Brewery established in 2021, with the four teams, which are the four sections of the restaurant.

Delights include old favourites like Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Vegetables, along with Mirch Masala Chicken and Lamb Desi.


A world away from the traditional curry house, our restaurants exude opulence, with mirrored stairways.


Our carefully crafted menu offers an authentic insight into traditional cuisine, taken from a rich culinary tradition.

Our Specialies


One of the main reason regarding client saying is the taste of our food. It is traditional and like family.


Our cooking and serve are very neat. The main reason of the tasty food is it’s freshness.


We are very responsible and punctual on time. We directly deal with client and delivery precisely.


Order Online

Simply order your item through our website.

We will prepare your item

Quickly we will prepare your item precisely, and make it ready for you.

Receive the item

Get your item precisely, we proud for delivering a neat hygiene service.
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